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AVHA and BHC COVID-19 Information

updated 11/24/2020

Changes: Updated information due to the four-week "pause" on youth athletics.


All Association hockey events are cancelled through Friday, December 18th. This is a tentative schedule and may be adjusted. Continue to check our website for information on how this (and any future updates) affects Association hockey.

  four-week pause faq (updated 11/19/20)   

Q:  Do we still need to report COVID-19 positive tests? 
A:   Yes. Continue to notify your COVID-19 team manager and/or association manager. We must continue contact tracing to manage exposures during the pause and also be prepared for when the pause is ended.

Q:  Are all team events cancelled? 
A:   Yes. Practices, scrimmages, games, parties, etc. are all prohibited beginning Saturday, November 21st until at least Saturday, December 19th.

Q:  Are there penalties if the four-week pause directives are not followed? 
A:   Yes.
Failure to follow the directives could result in severe sanctions to a team or coach, including loss of privilege to participate in post season play including District, Regions and State tournaments.

Q:  What about team events scheduled before Saturday (11/21)?  
A:  Teams are allowed to complete any scheduled events prior to Saturday (11/21). This includes on-ice or dryland activities, but not social events (dinners, parties, etc.).

Q:  May we use a neighboring state's ice arenas during the four-week pause?
A: No. MN Hockey prohibits play outside of Minnesota. This includes practices, scrimmages, and games.

Q:  What happens to tournaments we were scheduled for?
A: Tournaments that were scheduled during the four-week pause are cancelled. Level coordinators are working with tournament hosts on possible rescheduling or refunds.

Q:  If a neighboring state is hosting a tournament during the four-week pause, can Association teams participate?
A: No. MN Hockey prohibits participation in out-of-state tournaments during the four-week pause.

Q: Can we use the training centers?
A: No. Both the Apple Valley and Burnsville training centers are closed during the four-week pause.

Q: Can have organized team activities on outdoor ice?
A: No. MN Hockey prohibits organized team activities or small group skates on outdoor rinks or ponds.

Q:  Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns related to my child or to report an illness?
A:  Firehawks and Valkyrie U12 players should contact Nicole Jenne directly with COVID related questions and reports of illness.

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